Had a great auditions.

Got called back for both plays.

Felt okay about first call back. First side was great. Second side I felt unsure about.

Second call back I rocked it.

Didn’t get cast in first. Waiting to hear about second.


A documented Party


I did two shots of rum and cried in my bathroom for 45 minutes with E and J.

Changed glittery dress to comfortable dress and went upstairs.

Proceeded to drink peach wine and do a number of shots.

D tried to have a conversation with me about not being mean to myself.

More shots.

F was looking down my dress. Unsure why.

More shots.

Tried to prevent people from making out with each other.

C tried to push me into R even though he is my good friend and also gay. Complained that C touched me without my consent for the rest of the night, even though I claimed not to know who he was to his face.

L asked me to go camping?

more shots.

F tried to stop me.

L walked me home because I wasn’t sure where I lived.


i’m finally all the way off the cymbalta and im miserable

i want to rip my face off and kill myself.


my past two serious/reciprocated crushes have the same birthday

do i live in the fucking twilight zone?


I know it’s love

please let me touch your soul


Feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.



how i know

that i am really actually profoundly unhappy at home?

I’ve been gone for five months

and haven’t been homesick once

i don’t want to go

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