Another Day - Adam Pascal & Rosario Dawson

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I feel I may pass out just from being so excited.

Royal Conservatoire here I come. I’m going to kick ass and take names. I’m going to do it. I’m going to be brilliant. Really.

I can. I can. I can.


hear me roar.


my heart is soaring

so many wonderful things have happened

im going to the conservatoire

he kissed me


one of these days I hope to be breathtaking

to enter a room and have all eyes on me

stunningly beautiful and charismatic


no no no no


why did a friend I trust have to go and be clingy on the boy I like. I need him to tell me how he feels because we have been skirting around it for months

but why did you do that. why.

i’m so hopelessly upset.


i’m confused

and I don’t know. I don’t know so much.

and i’m tired of being lectured and told i’m better and that i’m too smart to not know

i’m sorry that every time I say something it’s misconstrued because I didn’t articulate it like I meant

i’m scared at how much I’ve stopped caring

and  i’m  scared what happens after

what’s next and why

I didn’t expect to live this long

you know kids challenge each other on the play ground “i’m going to live to 100” “i’m going to live to 1000”

I always expected life to end

every year older I was more and more



I was never good at looking to the future